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Legal Auto Leasing Division

Legal Auto Leasing Division

The Attorney’s Flexlease

Autoflex Leasing has been selling and leasing vehicles to attorneys since 1982. Since then, more attorneys find that the best use of their time is not at an auto dealer.

Attorneys across the country have taken advantage of our Attorney’s Flexlease, a lease plan that compares the top fifty lease programs in America on every make and model of vehicle. And you can do it all over the phone! Plus, we deliver your new car to your home or office.

Do you have extra time?

Do you have too much or too little time? Let’s face it, time is money and Autoflex Leasing has been saving both for our clients for many years. Whether it’s a luxury car like a new Lexus, Mercedes or BMW, or a Honda, a Tahoe or maybe a second car for your son or daughter to use at college, we can help.

Our Flexlease offers:

Our volume buying power directly affects your monthly payment. We save you money, we save you time and we provide you with unbiased advice on every car, truck, van or sport utility vehicle. Call Autoflex Leasing today and ask for a leasing specialist at 1-888-234-1234.

Remember, don’t just lease it … Autoflex lease it!

You have gone above and beyond the call of duty that NO other sales rep would have done and I sincerely thank you very much.
Best regards, Cindy Raggio

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