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Leasing Programs

Leasing Programs

Freedom of Choice = More Leases to Choose From

Autoflex Leasing offers virtually every competitive lease program in America! Not only do we offer every make and model, we search all of our sources for the best lease available for the vehicle you pick. We also search nationwide for the best pricing on every make and model available. While some vehicles are in short supply in some areas, they are sitting unsold in others. We are not limited to purchasing vehicles in one city like you probably would be. We have thousands of vehicles sitting a phone call away that you would never have access to. NOW YOU DO! While a new car dealership may offer only one or two lease program choices, Autoflex Leasing offers you more than fifty!

Flexlease Computer System. No Mistake Here!

Our exclusive "Flexlease Computer System" takes the guesswork out of which program will save you the most money. When you pick the vehicle you want, the color and options, length of lease, etc. we enter that information into our computer. Our program searches all leasing programs available in our database and narrows it down to the top five leasing programs that offer the lowest monthly payment. The lease with the absolute lowest payment is highlighted and that is the lease that will save you the most money! Based on the model you pick, the term, mileage, etc. there is no way to make a mistake and pay higher lease payments than necessary.

Every Type of Lease, Every Type of Savings

Whether you want one vehicle or one hundred and one, whether you want an open-end lease for business or a closed-end personal lease, NEW OR USED, Autoflex Leasing offers you savings at every turn. With one phone call today, you can be driving your new car tomorrow in a lease that offers you more options than any other lease. We became America's largest independent leasing company by helping people into cars.....not pushing them!

New or Used - You Choose!

Autoflex Leasing offers leases on every new car, truck, van and sport utility available. In addition, we have more than 100 late model lease returns and trade-ins available. We are the only major leasing company to offer these vehicles directly to the public. These well maintained vehicles are a tremendous value as a large portion of the depreciation has already occurred! For a description of these vehicles, see the link on our home page or call one of the numbers listed.

Used Car Leasing Made Easy!

Used car leasing is projected to grow at an increasing rate. Autoflex Leasing's "Pre-Owned Flexlease" allows you to increase your savings by picking a vehicle from our late model lease returns, or find your own used vehicle and we will lease it for you! For more information, contact us today!

With one phone call today, you can be driving your new car tomorrow in a lease that offers you more options than any other lease.

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