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9-12-2015 Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.7 Million Trucks. Toyota Tells Dealers To Stop Advertising Too-Good-To-Be-True Offers. Manufacturers Push To Make AEB Brakes Standard. Buying or Leasing, Which Is Better? Dodge Joins Star Wars Promotion Blitz With Its Storm Troopers Chargers. What Is OBD And Where Is It? Fiat Chrysler Offers To Buy Back Recalled Vehicles. What Is AEB? Jeep May Offer Wrangler Pickup And Diesel Vehicle In 2017! Top 10 Cars Bought By Millenials. OBD2 Adapter Connects To Over 20 Apps.
9-5-2015 Who's The Better Driver, You Or Your Significant Other? Used Cars Or Pre-owned Cars More Expensive On Average. JC Whitney Automotive Catalog 100 Years Old. What Does CUV Stand For? Gas Prices Lowest Since 2004. Financing Cars Longer Not Always Smart For Consumers.
8-29-2015 Car Dealership Service vs Independent Garage Service. Auto Recalls And TSBs Explained. Highway Deaths Up 14 Percent, First Increase In Years. Consumer Reports Top 10 Highest Rated Cars. 10 Auto Manufacturers Sued Over Keyless Ignition. What Is CSI And Are You Willing To Pay More For A Higher CSI? Consumer Reports Gives Tesla S P85D Highest Rating Ever. Celebrities Killed In Car Accidents.
8-22-2015 Hints, Tips, Shopping Advice For Auto Insurance. Auto Insurance Myths And Misconceptions. Cars That Depreciate Most And Least In First Year. Which State Has Optional Auto Insurance? Diminished Value Explained. A Little History On The Biggest Names In The Auto Industry.
8-15-2015 7 Things Your Body Shop Won't Tell You. Millenials Want More For Their Money So They Lease More Often. Top 10 Auto Fails Of The Last Decade. Should You Buy Your Car At The End Of Its Lease? Maintenance Cost Considerations When Selecting Your Next Car. 65+ Age Group Buying And Leasing More. Can You Modify A Lease Car? Where Does Subaru Get Their Parts?
8-8-2015 Huge Recall On Dodge Chargers For Airbag Issue. Internet Scams Might Cost You Your Car. Electric Vehicles Depreciate Faster Than Gas Powered Cars. TrueCar CEO Scott Painter Resigns. California Offers $1,000 To EV Owners For What? Autoflex Sports Division Director Trent Sheppard Discusses Pro Athletes And Custom Cars.
8-1-2015 Can Your Car Be Hacked? The Good, Bad, Ugly Of Infotainment Systems. Millennials Largest Age Group Leasing Cars. Downloadable Fix For Chrysler Jeep Hack. Beware Of Service Upsell After Recall Repairs. Uber Making Lease Cars Available To Attract More Drivers.
7-25-2015 Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Hackable Cars. FTC Probe Questions Sale Of GM Certified Pre-owned Cars Without Recall Issues Fixed. TrueCar Earnings Down, Stock Plummets. Best And Worst States For Speeding Tickets. Which Fiat Chrysler Cars Are Vulnerable To Remote Hack? What You Need To Know About Window Tint. Mitsubishi Closes Only Plant In U.S. Tips For Thorough Test Drives.
7-18-2015 Largest Auto Chain Divorces Itself From TrueCar. Top 10 Family Vehicles For 2015. Consumer Reports Study Reveals Excessive Oil Consumption By Some Newer Cars. Long Term Auto Financing - Good Or Bad Idea? 10 Least Expensive (Cheapest) Convertible Cars. Edmonds.com And Parents Magazine Rate Budget Cars - Mazda 3, Honda Fit Top Picks. Government Study Suggests 54.5 MPG Possible, Auto Manufacturers Not So Sure. 10 Cars For Topless Summer Fun.
7-11-2015 Attractive Technology Or Distractive Technology, Auto Manufacturers Versus Regulators. Jim Ziegler Discusses Sergio Marchionne and Fiat Chrysler's Search For Merger Partner. Uber Having Issues In Mexico, France. 1964 Chicken Tax May Be Phased Out, American Auto Makers Don't Like The Taste Of That. Google Self-Driving Cars Being Tested In Austin, Texas. Car Sharing Used For Drive-by Shooting. Wealthy Russians Want Tesla, Willing To Pay Big.
6-20-2015 Toyota Camry Best Selling Car In America - Why? Toyota Dominates Edmonds Best Residual Value List. 8 Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance. Highway Or City Miles - Does It Make Difference In Trade-In Value? Best Selling Cars And Automotive Brands In The U.S. Credit Scores - How Low Is Too Low To Lease Or Buy A Car? GAP Insurance Explained. Enter VIN Number At NHTSA Website To Check For Takata Airbag Recall.
6-13-2015 Carmax Takes Heat In California For Selling Cars With Recalls. Estimated 10,000 Flood Damaged Cars In Texas - How To Spot One Before You Buy. Manufacturers Ponder What Center Console Tech To Include - Buyers May Want Less. Trade In Tip - Clean Your Car! Gas Prices Down, Summer Travel Up. Honda Reports Another Death Related To Takata Air Bags. Fiat Chrysler Looks For Merger Partner.
5-23-2015 Only One Insurance Company Currently Offers Discount For Driving Fewer Miles. Oregon Considers Tax-Per-Mile Tax. Do It Yourself (DIY) Everyday Car Maintenance. Is Your Car Flood Damaged? Waze Traffic Navigation App - Are You A Wazer? Pre-owned EVs (Electric Vehicles) Real Bargain In 2015. Low Interest Rates Mean Great Time For Car Leasing And Auto Loans.
5-16-2015 Texas Bills Propose Removing Red Light Cameras. NFFC Executive Director Andy Alberth Talks About Upcoming National Fantasy Football Convention In Las Vegas. GM Plans Massive 1.2 Billion Dollar Expansion To Arlington, Texas Assembly Plant. Calm Discussion About Road Rage. Arlington, Texas Votes To Remove Red Light Cameras. SMTD To Broadcast From Vegas At NFFC July 11, 2015. Tesla Purchase Sends Worthless Penny Stock Through Roof. Three Wheel Vehicles Sway Big Investment And Future Interest.
5-9-2015 Will Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act Become Law - Should It? Tips For Buying, Leasing And Selling A Car. Prepare Your Car For Summer Vacation. Buying Or Leasing New Car - The Right Questions And When To Ask Them. What To Do If Your New, Low Mileage Car Is Wrecked. Buy New, Buy Used, Or Lease Your Next Car? Important Things To Consider Regarding Car Titles.
5-2-2015 How Long Should Auto Manufacturers Be Responsible For Their Products? More People Trading EVs (Electric Vehicles) For SUVs. Humorous Observations On Driving In Dallas. New Commercials For Toyota Hydrogen FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles) Inform And Entertain. Proposed Bill Would Reward Whistle Blowers Within Auto Industry. Do Rebates Apply To Car Leasing? Infotainment Center Stack Becoming More Distracting. April Good Month For Most (Not All) Auto Brands.
4-18-2015 IIHS Top Auto Safety Picks. NHTSA 5 Star Vehicle Safety Ratings Explained. Aluminum Ford F-150 Crash Test Results. Toyota Will Provide Free Hydrogen Fuel To First Buyers Of New Mirai FCV. Tale Of Bed Bugs And The Burned Up Kia Soul. How Much Does A Crash Test Dummy Cost? Two Steps One (Registration) Sticker Explained. New GM Wins Court Decision Protecting Them From Old GM Mistakes. Hyundai Uses 11 Cars To Write Message In Sand - Seen From Space Station.
4-11-2015 NHTSA May Revisit 13 To 22 Year Old Jeep Exploding Gas Tank Issue. Auto Manufacturers Change Tune - Safety Sells! Nissan And BMW Recall 165,000 Cars Due To Fuel Pump Issue. Toyota Builds Huge Plant In Mexico. Unexpected Place To Save Money On New Tires. Kelley Blue Book vs Black Book. Gas Prices Low, Should Remain Low, Why? Openbay Tech Can Remotely Diagnose Car Problems And Offer Service Options. 2016 Chevy Malibu May Be Parents First Choice, Teens Last Choice For New Car. Mini Offers HUD In New Goggles.
4-4-2015 Fiat Chrysler Ordered To Pay $150,000,000 To Georgia Family. Honda Tops KBB 2015 Brand Image Awards. Review: 2015 Aluminum Ford 150 Pickup. Road To The Sale - Behind The Curtain At Car Dealerships. 11 Things No Longer Available For Cars. Auto Makers Must Build Electric Vehicles To Sell Gasoline Vehicles In 3 U.S. States. Delphi Audi Autonomous Car Drives Itself Across America...Almost. What Drivers Look For When Shopping For New Car.
3-21-2015 Credit Score Myths, What You Need To Know. GM To Launch Teen Driver System On 2016 Malibu. Richard Branson May Decide To Compete With Elon Musk...Again! Pickup Truck Leasing On The Rise, Why? Tips To Improve Credit Rating. Take The Vrooom, Vrooom Test. Continued Low Gas Prices Changing Buyer Habits. Electric Cars Not So Green.
3-14-2015 What Is An Elio Autocycle? Delphi Equips Audi SQ5 To Drive Itself From California To New York. Honda Advertises Seriousness Of Takata Airbag Issue. Chevrolet Volt Recall Due To Potential Carbon Monoxide Buildup. 117 Auto Dealers Sue TrueCar. Let's Talk Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Pros And Cons For Elio Autocycles. Chevrolet And GMC To Reduce Powertrain Warranty From 100,000 To 60,000 Miles For 2016. Porsche Considers Converting Panamera To Electric Car. ALG Now Division Of TrueCar. New Texas License Plates Improved, How?
3-7-2015 Lexus Tops J.D. Power Most Reliable List. Lexus, Mazda Lead, Fiat Dead Last In Consumer Reports 2015 Best And Worst List. Technology Takes Lead Role In New Car Advertising. Electric Cars Massive Depreciation Explained. Ten Weirdest Automotive Accessories Ever! Jeff Gordon Hilarious Test Drive Commercial. Gadget Envy Causing People To Trade Cars More Often. Mini Ranks Low On Dependability Reports But High On Resale Value. Radioactive Cars From Japan Showing Up In Central Asia.
2-21-2015 Does Social Media Play Major Role In New Vehicle Purchase Decisions? Subaru Tops KBB List Of Least Expensive Cars To Own. Apple Decides To Jump Into Self-Driving Electric Car Biz. Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile Crashes. Online Research First, Trust Of Salesperson Most Important When Shopping For New Car. Self-Driving Cars From Google And Volvo By 2017? Best Time Of Year To Get Best Deal On Auto Lease.
2-14-2015 Car Dealers Struggle With Customers' Use Of Smart Phones And Tablets. When Is Leasing A Car NOT The Best Option? Detailed Discussion And Explanation Of Modern Auto Safety Features. What Is Telematics And Is It A Safe Safety Feature. Autoflex SMTD 11 Year Anniversary. Tons Of Auto Leasing And Buying Tips. Autoflex Flexbuy Program Explained. What Is ESC And Why It's Now Required? GM's Big Game Ad For Colorado Shocks And Impresses.
1-31-2015 Consumer Reports Seven Worst Cars Of 2014. Auto Leasing Explained By The Pros. Never Ever Buy A Lemon Law (Manufacturer's) Buyback. What To Do AFTER Trading In Your Car. Driver Deaths Down By A Third. Ford GT, Acura NSX, Dodge Charger Hellcat Supercars. Jeep Wrangler Tops Consumer Reports 2014 List Of Worst Cars. Cypress, Texas Death Attributed To Takata Airbag Inflator. Safety Features May Be Best Reason To Get Newer Car. Will Cuba Be Treasure Trove Of Old Collectible Cars?
1-24-2015 Toyota Breaks Ground On Plano, Texas Headquarters. Honda, Takata's Largest Customer, Considering Alternate Airbag Supplier. KBB List Of Vehicles With Best Resale Value. Tips On How To Price And Sell Your Car. Toyota Beats Volkswagen Again, Both Lead GM. What To Do If You Exceed Your Lease Mileage. Toyota Mirai FCV Coming Late 2015. Downsides To Selling Your Own Car.
1-3-2015 12 Cars Going Out Of Production. Vehicles And Auto Features That Are In And Out. New Study And Teen Deaths Show Older, Smaller Cars Are Generally Less Safe. Smell Gas Driving Your VW? - Volkswagen Recalls 38,000 Cars. Prediction: 10 Cars That Won't Make It To 2016 Models. Gas Prices Plunging - Where To Find Lowest Prices. Cars Parked At Acura Dealership Buried By Morton Salt.
12-27-2014 7 Deadly Sins Of Car Insurance. Least Expensive Cars To Insure. Ford Hit With Class Action Law Suit. Dodge Charger Hell Cat Inexpensive For 700 HP Performance Car. Switch To A Lease When You're Upside Down With Your Current Car. What Are AAA Key Tags And Do They Really Work? Nothing Increases Auto Insurance Costs Like A DUI. Does Car Color Make A Difference In Insurance Rates? Takata National President Steps Down. Gas Prices At Six Year Low! CEO Of Uber Taxi Service In Hot Water.
12-20-2014 5 Crucial Car Questions To Ask Before Leasing Or Buying Your Next Auto. Auto Accident Fatality Rate Drops In 2013 Report. Santa's List Of Naughty Things To Do In Your Car. Is It Better To Pay Cash Or Lease A Car. Google Wants Your Car Connected Directly To Google. 2016 Cadillac Shows Rear Camera Panorama Video In Rear View Mirror. Electric Car Sales Slowing Due To What?
12-6-2014 Tips To Get The Most From GPS System. Crazy Expensive Options For That Special New Car Christmas Present. What To Do When You Have A Car Accident. Fiat Chrysler Builds Robot That Can Shoot Three Pointers! GM To Replace Keys On 2014-2015 Models. CFPB Using Debateable Reasons To Fine Honda, Toyota, Others Over Lending Practices. Christmas Shopping Can Be Hazardous To Your Car And Its Contents.
11-29-2014 Government Demands Takata Recall All Vehicles Affected By Airbag Problem. Jaguar Land Rover Take Phone-To-Car Integration To Whole New Level. Toyota Bringing Active Safety Features To More Models. Sam Pack Generates 11.5 Million Dollars From Rare Car Auction. Honda Caught Under-reporting Safety Issues. Will Lower Gas Prices Affect Consumer's Choice For Next Car? Uber Service Blocked In Nevada. Tire & Wheel Size Does Affect Fuel Economy.
11-22-2014 Want In Depth Visual Details About Your Car And Traffic? - Layr Infotainment System Coming! WSJ Discovers GM Ordered Parts For Ignition Problem Long Before They Informed Public. One Toyota And One Honda Model Pass New Front Overlap Crash Test. Six Ways Police Know You're Texting. Car Dealers Utilize Texting For Customer Interaction. Sybil Reviews Leasing Experience With Autoflex. Takata Airbag Recall Expands. Forget Speed Detecting Radar Gun, How About A Texting Detector Gun!?
11-15-2014 J.D. Power Sales Process Satisfaction (Customer Purchase Experience) Winners & Losers. What Happens To New Cars Totaled In-Transit Between Manufacturer And Dealership? Acura MDX Mini-Review. Test Drive Confessions. Good Choices For Family Sedan. Tire Pressure (PSI) Related To Temperature. Mechanics Of An Auto Lease.
11-8-2014 America's Expanding Waistline Inspires Plus Size Crash Test Dummies. Former Takata Employees Reveal Company May Have Known About Problems With Airbag Inflators. What Are Auto Dealer Stair-Step Bonuses And Why Should You Care? GM Offers Additional Incentive To People Who Bring In Recalled Vehicles. These Are Not Your Parents' Speeding Tickets. What Is An Acceptable Speed Limit? Do States That Sell More Trucks And SUVs Vote Predictably? Decrease In Gas Prices Spurs Difference In New Car Purchases.
11-1-2014 Why Gas Prices Fluctuate. Consumer Reports Most & Least Reliable Cars - Toyota Dominates Top Spots. Ferrari Gets Fined 3.5 Million By NHTSA. Report Estimates Billions In Savings From Use Of Autonomous Vehicles. Lower Gas Prices Reduce Savings Advantage Of Electric Cars. Takata Asks Competitors For Help Replacing Millions Of Airbag Inflators. European Cars Showing Improvement On Consumer Reports List. Autonomous (Driverless) Cars Have Been Around Since 1958.
10-25-2014 Huge Airbag Recall Affects Millions Of Vehicles From Major Automakers - What To Do. Ford Safety System Recognizes Pedestrians And Animals In Path Of Car. Ford Cuts Price Of Its Electric Cars, Again. EPA Comes Down On Mini Regarding MPG Claims. Millions Of Takata Airbags Recalled For Releasing Shrapnel. Is It Legal (Smart) To Wear Headphones While Driving? Continuing Saga Of Serious Accidents Caused By Distracted Driving. Toyota's Ad Agency Saatchi & Saatchi Also Moving To Dallas Area.
10-18-2014 Safety Tips To Protect Your Favorite Travel Companion - Your Pet. Shopping For New Car - Which Questions And When To Ask Them. 2015 Honda CRV Tops Motor Trend SUV List. Audi Demos Driverless Car At 190 MPH. Check Out Jay Leno's Garage, Weekly Car Talk Show. How Much Negative Equity Can (Should) You Roll Into New Car Lease Or Purchase? Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer - A Lot Longer.
10-11-2014 How Bad Cars Happen. Most Valuable Auto Brands. Bridgestone Making Airless Tires With Replaceable Tread. What Happened To Sportsmanlike Driving? Tesla Unveils New Model D. Story Of GM Pontiac Aztek Epic Failure. Which Company Lost $10,000 Per Car In 2013? Auto Makers Add More Gears To Improve Fuel Efficiency. Manual Transmission (Stick Shift) Becoming Less Common, More Expensive.
10-4-2014 Warren Buffett Enters Car Biz By Buying Van Tuyl, Largest Privately Owned U.S. Auto Dealership Group. Best Cars For Resale Value Based On 2012 Models. 2014 List Of Most Worry Free Cars. Balancing Consumers Demands With Government Regulations For New Cars. Famous Chevrolet Collector/Dealer Ray Lambrecht Dies At 96. Tips To Correct Skidding And Over/Understeering. Car Chat With Cowboys Running Back DeMarco Murray. Shopping For Car Insurance Tips.
9-27-2014 Best Tailgate Vehicles In America. 15 States Won't Allow Recording Feature Of Valet Mode In 2015 Corvette. Reasons For Falling Gas Prices. Ford Recalls 850,050 2013-14 Vehicles. Chrysler Recalls 349,000 Older Vehicles For Ignition Switch Issue. North American Car & Truck Of The Year Candidates. Ford Raptor Not Designed For Jumping Ramps. Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Not Charged In Death Of Fellow Racer Kevin Ward. Mazda Ponders Selling Upscale Goods And Accessories Like Porsche And Ferrari Do.
9-20-2014 707 Horsepower Dodge Challenger Boasts 22 MPG. Strati, Amazing 3D Printed Car Actually Drives. Mercedes Opts For Cloud-based Communication To Improve Security. Toyota Recalls 20,000 Lexus. Executives Indicted In Japanese Parts Price Fixing. Do People Still Name Their Cars? 2015 Dodge Challenger Least Expensive Super Muscle Car Available. Cadillac Promises To Take Back Luxury Car Crown By 2017. Mini Offers 5-Door Hatchback. Does Automobile Value Decrease After A Recall? Honda And Chevrolet Building Natural Gas Vehicles For Consumer Market.
9-13-2014 Nevada Gives 1.3 Billion Dollars In Incentives For New Tesla Gigafactory. Nine Things You Should Never Say To Auto Insurance Company. Dodge Calls New Challenger Its Halo Car. Ford Dealer Employee Charged With Odometer Fraud. Study Reveals Most People Don't Drive As Well As They Think. Good Time For Deal On Dodge Viper. Elon Musk Wins Right To Sell Directly To Public. Read Fine Print On TV Ads Offering Low Lease Payments. 9-3 Replaces 10-2 As Recommended Hands Position For Driving. GM Issues Stop Sale On 2015 Corvette.
9-6-2014 2015 Mazda Miata Looks Great! Quiet, Super Fast Race Cars, Must Be Electric. Auto Rebates Increase Sales, Not So Great For Resale Value. Many New Cars Come Without Spare Tire. StarChase GPS Tracking Bullets, Fact Or Fiction? Which Two-Door Sport Car Is All Time Best Seller? Mecum Auto Auction Hits Dallas. Americans' Favorite Driving Songs. Corvette Museum To Close Sink Hole After All. Nevada Scores New Tesla Factory.
8-30-2014 New Study Suggests Women, More Than Men, Like To Haggle Over New Car Price. Kia Joins Other Major Auto Manufacturers In Move To Mexico. Toyota Knows You're Car Shopping And If You're Close To Dealership. Fiat Releases Funny But Dark Car-toon. Mini Cooper Pros And Cons. More Big Auto Makers Are Building Plants In Mexico. Why Are Consumers More Tolerant Of Bluetooth And Voice Recognition Problems? Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron Crash Update.
8-23-2014 Volvo Says By 2020 Safer Cars Could Lead To Death Free Highways. Will Car To Car Communication Mean Vehicle To Vehicle Cooperation? Annual List Of Most Stolen Cars. Where To Find Vehicle Recall Info. Put Your New 2015 Corvette In Valet Mode Before You Hand Over Keys. Don't Skimp On Wheel And Tire Protection. Real Value Of GAP Insurance. Older Hondas Top List Of Stolen Vehicles. Rules For Smoking In Lease Cars.
8-16-2014 Secret World Of License Plate Tracking. Reports Say Young People Shopping For Cars Online. Watch Out For Flood Damaged Used Cars! SUVs Outselling Sedans For The First Time Ever. Bacon Fueled Motorcycle? Vigilante Uses LPS To Track Your Vehicle . Can You Get Out Of A Lease? More People Moving From Sedans To Small SUVs. 414,000 More Lease Car Returns Means Deals To Be Had. Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs Electric Powered Cars.
8-9-2014 Ford And GM Admit Removing Weight Before Measuring GVWR. Auto Safety Features May Drastically Reduce Body Shop Business. Best Cars Under $20,000 That Get High MPG. Does Your Car Understand You? 2015 Ford F150 Pickup Made From Aluminum. Gen Y Buying More Cars Than Gen X. Can Reduced Fuel Consumption And Insurance Savings Justify New Car? How Many Languages Does Your iPhone Speak?
8-2-2014 Closer Look At Uber And Lyft Taxi-type Services. Who Decides And What Inspires New Car Colors? Major Auto Makers Remove Parts To Lessen Weight To Increase MPG Rating. Tesla's Elon Musk Guest On Simpsons. Does Car Color Influence Resale Value? Doing It In The Car Study Results Revealing. Lots Of Auto Leasing And Buying Questions Answered.
7-5-2014 Social Media In The Auto Biz - Future Or Failure. Mazda MX-5 Miata. Gas Saving Tips For Summer Travel. Who Qualifies For The Amazing Car Payments Offered On TV Commercials? Ford 2015 F150 For Kids Goes 5 MPH. Another Big Name Auto Maker Moves To Mexico. No More Separate Inspection And Registration Stickers. FuelEconomy.gov Offers Useful Mileage Calculator. Penalty For Car Pooling? Auto Leasing Fundamentals.
6-28-2014 Totaled Your Car - What To Do Next. How Does A Salvage Title Affect Value? IIHS List Highest Automotive Brand Loyalty. Google And Apple Want To Provide Your Car's Operating System. Mini Cars Perform Poorly In IIHS Front Overlap Crash Test. Ford Contemplates Lipstick Mini Cameras. Mercedes Wants To Be Number One, Talks Million Dollar Car. What Is GAP Insurance And How Can It Help. Storm Damaged Cars, What To Look For. Diesel Consumption Continues To Increase - Why? Fuel Efficiency Expected To Be 49MPG By 2025. Corvette Museum Sinkhole Becomes Popular Attraction.
6-21-2014 J.D. Power Initial Quality Report - Hyundai Kia Tops List. Survey Reveals Americans' Conflicting Attitudes About Dangerous Driving Practices. Fuel Saving Tips For Hot Weather. Interesting Points Regarding Massive GM Ignition Switch Issue and Fatalities Allegedly Caused By It. Look But You Can't Test Drive Or Buy A Tesla At The Mall. Software Problems Often Lower New Cars Initial Quality Rating. Motorcyclists Texting!? Survey Suggests Women Would Rather Go To Dentist Than Shop For New Car. Can Your Car's Computers Be Hacked? Harley Davidson Builds Electric Motorcycle With 120 Mile Range.
6-14-2014 Top 10 Least Reliable Used Cars And Auto Brands. Things To Consider BEFORE You Buy Pre-owned Vehicle. Certified Pre-owned Car Doesn't Mean What You May Think. What Would Buyers Give Up To Avoid Haggling Over Car Price? Volkswagen Eyes On The Road Video Really Makes An Impact. Mini Cooper Ranks Least Reliable Pre-owned Car. Autoflex' Flex Buy May Be Best Option For High Mileage Drivers. Prius Envy? Used Car Price Too Good To Be True - Run! Ford Attempting To Put Tomato Skins To Good Use.
5-31-2014 Speeding And Its Ramifications Account For 6.3 Billion Dollars Revenue. Report Reveals Government Regulations On Auto Dealers Lose Jobs And Cost Consumers More. Ford's New Inflatable Seat Belts Benefit Other Industries. GM's 69 NOT-TO-BE-USED Words List. What Percentage Of Drivers Pulled Over For Speeding Get Ticket? Certified Pre-owned Cars - Marketing Hype or Real Value? Google Unveils Actual Prototype Autonomous Car. DEF?
5-24-2014 What Irritates Drivers Most? Legionnaires' Disease Can Live In Common Car Fluid. Mandatory Seat Belt, Yes Or No? Stupid Driving Laws Still In Effect. Drivers Surveyed Say Other Drivers Texting Is Most Irritating. Houston Beats NYC, Ranks First For Road Rage. Will Self-Driving Autonomous Cars Self-Clean And Self-Refuel?
5-17-2014 Toyota Relocation To Plano, Texas May Bring 7.2 Billion Dollars To Area Over 10 Years. Important News On GM Recalls. 104,000 Nissan Jukes Recalled. Toyota Pulls Plug On Electric Rav4, Offers Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered 2015 FC. Greatest Automotive Technology Fails Of All Time! GM Agrees To $35,000,000 Fine. First Tire Pressure Monitor, Then Tire Wear Monitor, What's Next? 2007 Nissan Quest Gas Gauge Suspect. Bi-weekly Car Payments Don't Benefit Consumers. Electric License Plates - Who Controls The Display?
5-10-2014 AAA Claims Car Ownership Is Getting Cheaper. California And Oregon May Start Taxing Miles Driven. Guest Review And Discussion Of 2014 Nissan Rogue. GM Recalls More Malibus And LaCrosses. Ford Recalls 700,000 Ford Escapes. Chrysler Recalls 4,100 Fiats And 780,000 Minivans. Which Is Bigger Auto Expense, Maintenance Or Depreciation? $100 Car Part, $6,000 To $8,000 Labor? More Details On Google Self-Driving Cars. Do You Need To Make More Money To Lease Or Buy? Fiat And Chrysler Move To London For Corporate Tax Savings.
5-03-2014 Best Time To Get A Car - No Bull Edition. Honda Recalls 25,000 Odysseys. Consumers Used To Higher Gas Prices Buying Larger Cars. Car Making Mysterious Noise? - There's An App For That! Toyota Moving To Plano, Texas. Latest ALG Automobile Residual Value Report. Tips On Choosing A Car Dealer. SUV Or SAV? Google Self-Driving Cars Log 700,000 Miles With How Many Accidents? Chevrolet Says Only Camaro Z28 Owners Can Buy Z28 Badges.
4-26-2014 Ways To And NOT TO Save Gas. Manual Transmission Now More Expensive Than Automatic. Auto Makers Working Hard On Motion Sickness - Why? Insurance Companies Offer Savings At Expense Of Driver's Privacy. Nissan Paint Coating Won't Get Dirty. Auto Makers Can Buy Energy Credits To Fulfil Unmet EPA Requirements. Convertible SUVs? - Nissan's Got 'Em! How Much Is Your Used Car Really Worth? GM Tests Video Screen Placement Using Employees' Kids. Easter Eggs - Hidden Gems Found In Chrysler Vehicles.
4-19-2014 Auto Show Displays Next Big Thing - Mini SUVs. Consumer Reports Most/Least Expensive Cars To Own. Mercedes Benz Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Emits Water Vapor. Natural Gas Instead Of Gasoline - Nothing New. VW Recalls 26,000 2014 Vehicles Because Of Transmission Issue. Mazda Recalls 109,000 Tribute SUVs. Ford Mustang Displayed On 86th Floor Empire State, Reassembled Overnight In Snow Storm. VW Passat Most Expensive TCO In Class! Always Consider Mileage When Calculating Car Value. Ethanol Made Without Corn Or Sugar Cane. Aluminum Alloy Cars Coming.
4-05-2014 Mazda Recalls 2010 To 2012 Mazda 6s Due To...Spiders!? Insure.com Lists Most/Least Expensive Cars To Insure. Most/Least Expensive States For Car Insurance. Car-related Tips To Be More Green And Save Money. Tips For Hail Damage To Your Car. Distracted Driving Blamed For 3,328 Fatal Crashes. Autoflex' David Blassingame Receives Highest Leasing Award. 7 Jeep Models Rate Least Expensive To Insure. Why Does It Cost So Much To Get Out Of A Car Lease? Build Your Own Car, One Part At A Time? Ford Mustang To Be Displayed On Observation Deck Of Empire State Building.
3-22-2014 AAA Reports Average Mid-size Car Owner Spends Over $9,100 Per Year, Pickup/SUV Drivers Spend More. Toyota Finalyzes Settlement, Pays U.S. Government Largest Fine In History. ALG List Of Auto Brands And Models With Best Retained Value. Arizona Lawmakers Petition To Let Tesla Have Its Way. Tips For Saving Money On All Things Related To Auto Ownership. Get Help To Recover Diminished Value On Your Car. New Details On GM Ignition Switch Issue/Recall. Almost New 1967 Corvette Found In Colorado Springs Garage.
3-15-2014 GM Ignition Switch Recall Triggers Government Investigation. Cars That Should Have Never Been Built. Tesla Back In News Trying To Sell Direct. Secret Service Taking Bids For Next Presidential Limo. 1.6 Million GM Vehicles Recalled. Which Car Did They Call The Mother-In-Law Car? Used Cars Worth Less...Why? Fisker Becomes New Fisker.
3-08-2014 93 Rare Dodge Vipers Ordered To Be Destroyed. Requirements To Get Driver's License Online. Top 5 Car Brands Most Desirable To Women? Michelin Shows Off New Airless Tweel. Estimate The Cost Of Auto Repairs Online! By 2018 Cars May Not Let You Drive Intoxicated. Want Bacon Smell Every Time Alarm Goes Off, There's An App (Plus Gadget) For That! Study Says Women Are Better At Parking The Car. Apple Extends iPhone Features Into Auto Infotainment Systems. GM Incentives May Hurt Resale Value On Some Models.
3-01-2014 Consumer Reports 2014 Best Cars List Ranks Foreign Higher Than Domestics. Driver's License Suspension Can Actually Affect Economy. HOV Lanes Vs HOT (Toll) Lanes. Ford Is Involved In Multiple Lawsuits For Its Use Of Other's Technology. Kia Dealers Must Pay $30,000 For Training Just To Sell K900. Over 400 Options For Custom Texas License Plates. Statewide Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Many States Suspend Driver's License For What? UAW Appeals Loss To Unionize Volkswagen Plant In Tennessee. What Is A Yo-Yo Sale Or Lease? Elon Musk To Build 5 Billion Dollar Plant To Manufacture Batteries.
2-22-2014 Are Your Driving Habits And Places You Travel Being Monitored By Your Car? Ford Commercials Will No Longer Feature Popular Spokesperson Mike Rowe. Fix For Jeep Software Glitch Reveals More Expensive Engine Problem. Honda Accord Beats Toyota Camry In Sales To Individuals. Driver Blames New Car Smell For Accident. Who Owns And Who Can Use Info Gathered By Car Black Box Systems - And How Long Can It Be Stored? $100,000 Electic Fisker Plus Corvette Engine Equals $180,000 Non-Green Destino. Dealers Excited About First Dodge Clean Diesel. Incentives On 4-Door Sedans Up Because Of Harsh Winter?
2-15-2014 Earth Swallows Up 8 Corvettes From Kentucky Museum. Graco Recalls 3.8 Million Car Safety Seats. Senator Jay Rockefeller Demands Auto Manufacturers Rethink Distractions To Drivers. Top Car Maintenance Myths. Difference Between Ethanol E15 Vs E10 In Gasoline And Is It Good Or Bad For Cars? KBB Picks 12 Best Family Cars For 2014. David And Tammy Celebrate SMTD 10 Year Anniversary! Ford Dealer Loses $300,000 On Big Game Promotional Bet. Can Auto Lease Terms Be Changed After Signing? Chrysler 300 Mini Review. Right To Repair Agreement Benefits Car Owners And Independent Shops.
2-08-2014 Car For Hire Services, Are They Safe And Can They Be Regulated? Consumer Reports Car Perception Top Ten Lists. Survey Says 9 Of 10 Adults Worried About Riding In Driverless Cars. Great Way To Calculate Fuel Economy. Dubai Now Has The Fastest Most Expensive Police Car - Bugati Veyron. Does Car Sharing Reduce New Car Sales? Popular Big Game Auto Commercials. DSRC Inter-Auto Communication Key Technology For Autonomous Driverless Cars. Tips To Slow Or Stop On Ice Or Slippery Conditions.
2-01-2014 Big Auto Makers Air Bigger Car Commercials During Biggest Bowl Game. Mexico To Become Number Two Exporter Of Light Vehicles To U.S. NHTSA Proposes Regulations For Child Safety Seats. Destino - Fisker Karma With Corvette V8 Engine. Cost Consequences Of Ford's 2015 Aluminum F-150. Do Expensive Big Game Commercials Pay Off? Nissan Largest Auto Maker In Mexico. Tesla Plans Cross Country Test Drive. How Not To Spend 3.5 To 5.5 Hours To Get A Car. Aluminum Cars Have Marketable Benefits And Plenty Of Negatives.
1-25-2014 IIHS Partial Front Impact Test Fails All Small Cars Except One. Hyundai Announces Deal With Verizon To Connect Drivers. 2014 Camaro Z28 vs 2015 Ford Mustang. Nissan Settles Advertising Lawsuit. UAW Wants To Unionize Volkswagen Plant. Feds Overestimate Miles Americans Drive And Gas Used. Today Auto Repair Is Less Hardware More Software. Tesla Costs Fifty Percent More In China.
1-18-2014 America's Top 10 Best Selling Cars Also Make Great Lease Vehicles. Government Claims GM Bailout Was Success. 2012 & 2013 Ford Edge Recall. 2014 Camaro COPO Auction To Benefit Veterans. Gen Y Want New Cars But Not Buying. Man Sited For Sign Warning Drivers About Police Ahead. Auto Show Spokesmodels Are More Than Pretty Faces. Consider Computer Diagnostic Equipment When Selecting Auto Shop.
1-11-2014 Federal Trade Commission Takes Stand On Deceptive Auto Advertising. Cars That Can Detect Your Mood? Laser Headlights Use Less Power But Cost More Than LEDs. Chrysler Let's Buyers Have It Their Way. GAO Study Reveals How Much Sat Nav Systems Really Track. DOJ & CFPB Fine Ally Sending Shockwaves Through Auto Industry. CES Highlights Advanced Auto Electronics Coming To Your Car Soon. China Company Buys Bankrupt Fisker. History Of The Word Automobile - First Appeared 114 Years Ago.
1-04-2014 Hyundai Plans Google Glass Pre-drive Features For 2015 Genesis. NHTSA Says Backup Cameras Cost $58 To $203 Per Vehicle And Save Lives. Gas Prices Expected To Fall In 2014 - Gas Tax May Offset Savings. Illinois Passes Law Banning Hand Held Phones While Driving. Ford Shows Solar Powered Car At CES. 2013 Best Year In Auto Biz Since 2007. Average Car On Road 11.5 Years Old. U.S. Exports More Cars Than Ever Before. Tests For Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana And Other Drugs?
12-28-2013 Things To Consider Before You Purchase Or Lease New Car. What Is DADSS And Why It Might End Up In Your Next Car? Advertisers Finding Ways To Your In-car Nav Screen. Ford and Other Automakers Add Tech To Monitor Teenage Drivers. Seinfeld Writes Commercials For Acura. Flexbuy Program Explained. Auto Infotainment Ads - Convenience Or Intrusion? Hyundai And Kia Agree To Pay Settlements For False MPG Claims. Do This Before You Trade Your Car.
12-21-2013 Survey Shows Most People Who Speed Say That Other Drivers Should Obey Speeding Laws. GM Will Have First Female CEO In Auto Industry History. Proposed New Loan Rule Would Greatly Increase Initial Cost And Difficulty For Sellers And Buyers. Honda Announces 2015 Ridgeline. 2006-2013 Lexus IS And ES Recall. Speeders Claim That They're Highly Skilled Drivers. GoldieBlox For Girls? Never Underestimate The Importance Of Test Driving And Comparing Cars. Do Insurance Claims And Tickets Really Increase Insurance Payments? Cuba Residents Can Finally Buy Car Without Permission From Government.
12-14-2013 Tips For Driving In Snow And Ice. Car Talk With Ricky Beggs From Black Book Auto. Pam Oakes From Car Care For The Clueless Talks Car Common Sense. Facts About Early Termination Of Auto Leases. Texas Drivers Deal With Black Ice And Cobblestone Ice. Toll Lanes On 635 LBJ Freeway - Highway Democracy? How Well Will Current Electric Cars Retain Value?
11-30-2013 Biggest "Turkeys" In Automotive History. Governments And EPA Reconsider Ethanol Requirements In Gas. Great Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer. 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ Review. Stories Of Worst Cars Throughout Time. Where NOT To Park Your Car. What Is Dexos Oil And Why Use It? Kids Losing Interest In Toy Cars - Sales Down.
11-23-2013 All About JFK's 1961 Lincoln Continental - It Was Leased! KBB Top Ten Autos With Best Resale Value. Do Aftermarket Upgrades Increase Resale Value? Backup Camera And Parking Sensor Addon For Older Cars. Pay Attention To Vehicle Residual Value At End Of Lease. Does Being A Rental Car Affect Resale Value Of Same Model In General Pre-owned Market? Latest Update On NHTSA's Investigation Of Tesla.
11-16-2013 Driving Fatalities Increase. New Tech Senses Blood Alcohol Levels Through Skin. Chat With Stick Bogart From The Ripoff Report. University of Michigan Predicts Driverless Cars By 2021. Clifford Nass' Research Regarding Autonomous Cars. Government Accelerates Auto Safety Research. Pre-owned Auto Sales Greater Than New Car Sales. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars May Be The Future. Google Has Driverless Vehicles On Its Campus.
11-09-2013 Have You Been Victim Of Staged Accidents? What Are And How To Spot "Washed Title" Cars. Coupons May Soon Appear On Screen In Cars. Lexus Tops Consumer Reports List Again - Ford's MyTouch System Hurts Ranking. Get Auction Prices At Autoflex On Save Money Mondays. First Time Buyers Should Seriously Consider Extended Service Agreement. Third Tesla Catches Fire - NHTSA To Investigate. Fewer Individuals Selling Cars On Ebay.
10-26-2013 Nissan Infinity Recalls 152,000 SUVs With Brake Problems. Hyundai Recalls 27,500 Genesis Sedans For Brake Issues. California And Seven States To Require 15 Percent Of Cars Be 0 Percent Emmissions. VL Automotive Announces Corvette V8-Powered Fisker Karma Re-branded As Destino. Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge Compete For Texas' Largest Truck Market In U.S. Toyota Loses Lawsuit In Oklahoma. Ford Settles Navistar Diesel Suit. American Honda Settles Lawsuit Covering Almost 1.6 Million Vehicles. Never Do These Things When Buying New Or Used Car.
10-19-2013 Insure.com Rates Insurance Companies By Highest Customer Satisfaction. Volvo Technology Stores Electric Energy In Body Panels. Tesla's Elon Musk Buys James Bond Submarine Car. Stop Texting While Driving - There's An App For That! More Auto Makers Test Self-Driving Technology. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) On New Chevy Impala. Texas Residents Can Claim Diminished Value On Wrecked Car. Two Must Haves On New Or Pre-owned Car - GAP Insurance And Extended Warranty. Recent Car Purchase, Tons Of Problems, Who's Responsible? Self-Driving Cars, Steering Wheel Optional. Volkswagen To Build CNG Cars.
10-12-2013 Myths About Auto Insurance Busted. Car Title Washing Explained. Auto Smuggling Rings And Car-Related Scams. Manufacturers And Dealers Struggle To Sell To And Build Loyalty With Gen Y. Do Sports (Or Red) Cars Really Get More Tickets? What's A Straw Purchase? Where's The Love - Do 16-34 Year Olds Bond With Their Cars?
10-05-2013 Poll Reveals Car Borrowers Snoop Around. 12 Contenders For Truck (SUV) Of The Year. Tesla Opens First Direct Retail Dealership. Survey Shows Significant Loyalty Among Existing Insurance Customers. Top 10 Most Stolen Luxury Cars. Should You Lend Your Car To A Coworker? More About No Bull Leasing. Another Tesla Goes Up In Flames. Autoflex Gets Over 500 Legitimate Likes On Facebook.
9-28-2013 Who Benefits As Insurance Industry Pushes For Widespread Use Of Plug-in Module? Subaru Earns Top Rating On Accident Avoidance System With Stereo Cameras. Pros And Cons Of Self-driving Cars. Toyota Sienna Recall. Nissan Recalls Almost One Million Models. Should Backup Camera Be Mandatory? Fast Braking, High Miles, Times You Drive Could Cost You Money On Insurance. Would You Have An Autonomous Self-driving Automobile? Auto Dealers Vs Auto Manufacturers. Ford Offers Eco Boost On Police Cars.
9-07-2013 Tips For Trading In Or Selling Your Car. What Does Certified Pre-owned Car Really Mean? 2014 Honda Odyssey Built-in Vacuum Cleaner. VW Jetta TDI Resale Value? Tips For Test Driving Cars. Auto Leasing Continues To Grow. How Does Autoflex' Flex Buy Work?
8-31-2013 Auto Makers Struggle To Sell To Millennials. Baby Boomers Top Car Buyers. VanDerBrink Auctions Lambrecht Chevrolet Brand New Old Cars. IIHS Spends Millions To Test Crash Avoidance Systems. Self-parking Volvo Amazes. Dashcam Video Reveals Collision Cause And Retribution. Online Info Makes Car Shopping Faster By Educating Shoppers. GM Back To Advertising On 2014 Super Bowl. Honda Testing DSRV Crash Avoidance Tech.
8-24-2013 New Technology Deterent To Drunk Driving. How To Pick The Perfect Back To School Car. Auto Safety Features You Never Knew You Needed. Field Sobriety Tests You'll Never Want To Take. How To Get An Electric Tesla In Texas.
8-17-2013 Reasons Why Your Mileage May Vary...A Lot. Killer Cars For Your Collection? 2014 Ford Fusion Review. Detroit's Motor City Industry May Be To Blame For Billion Dollar Bankruptcy. Elon Musk Trades Side View Mirrors For Cameras. Expect Twenty Percent Less Than Manufacturer Mileage Claims. Distracted Driving An Issue Back In 1953. Honda Launches Effort To Save Drive-In Theatres. Breaking Bad Auctions Off 1983 Toyota Clunker.
8-10-2013 CD Players On The Way Out? Chat With Anne Flemming From Women-Drivers.com. Top Things Women Look For In A Car And A Dealer. Ten Sample Driver License Test Questions. Disappearing Car Features From The Past. Fifty Percent Of Women Buy Cars By Themselves. Ads Offering Super Low Lease Payments Don't Include Tax, Title, License. More Stupid Criminal Stories.
8-03-2013 Pickup Tailgate Up Or Down For Best Mileage? Most Often Stolen Luxury Cars. University Discovers How To Hack Volkswagen Anti-Theft Chips. What Happens To Thousands Of Damaged Cars From Flooded Areas? Pandora or Sirius In-car Music? Auto Leasing Continues Growth. Half Of All Luxury Cars Stolen In What State? One Of Three People Can't Pass Driving Test. New Car Addons Leave Room For Bargaining And More Tips For Saving Money.
7-27-2013 J.D. Power APEAL Study Measures What Really Appeals To Buyers - BMW, Chevy, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen Rate Well. 2014 Chevy Impala Hands On Review. Bentley Will Build Most Expensive ($237,000) SUV Ever. Shocking News! Sticker Mileage May Vary From Actual Mileage. Save 40 Percent On Monthly Payments With Leasing Compared To Buying. Brief History Of Auto Financing.
7-20-2013 New Ford System Warns Police Officers? GM Fires Sales Chief Even After Stellar Sales. Free Waze App May Turn Millions Of Drivers Into Wazers. Dodge Recalls Over 46,000 Ram Trucks. GM Recalls 900 Trucks For Passenger Airbag Issue. Ford Offers Software Updates To Improve Gas Mileage. Nissan Offers Free Towing. Don't Underestimate Diminished Value. Autoflex Considers Free Car Care Clinic - Interested? FlexBuy Program Might Save You Money.
7-13-2013 Women Get Higher Quotes From Auto Repair Shops. Cars With Quiet Interiors. Convertible Sales Down - Why? Mustang Selling Better Than Camaro. Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet Slash Prices On Electric Vehicles. Women Get Bigger Discount On Auto Repairs If They Ask. Any Real Difference In Top Tier Gasoline? Auto Theft Rising - Fifty Two Percent Never Recovered! Carjacking Fails.
6-29-2013 Tips To Avoid Driving Scams Swoop and Squat, Panic Stop, Sideswipe, Drive Down. Best Cars For Graduates. Engine Gauges Or Idiot Lights? Car Chat With Dallas Cowboys DeMarco Murray. What Is NICB? First Car Memories. You Can Buy Engine Diagnostic Tool. More Driving Pet Peeves.
6-22-2013 Mid 70s Wonder Car "The Dale" Promised 70 MPG - Crazy Story! J.D. Power Annual Initial Quality Results - First Time Ever GM Places Second And Fifth. How To Get Best Deal On Auto Lease. Inventioneers Smart Wheel Senses Unsafe Hand Positions And More. Voice Recognition Issues Number One Complaint Of New Car Owners. 75 Percent Of Consumers Change Cars Every 3 To 4 Years. Cars For Big Guys. 4 Of 5 New Car Shoppers Choose Different Vehicle Than Expected. Detroit Fears Loss Of Valuable Cars To Pay 18.5 Billion Dollar Debt.
6-15-2013 Edmunds.com Announces Top 10 Best Retained Value Cars. U.S. States Consider Taxing Electric Car Owners To Make Up For Lost Gas Revenue. Everything You Wanted To Know About Auto Leasing In Plain English! Audi Study Compares Driving Stress To Skydiving. Big Changes Coming To In-Car Infotainment Systems. Four Ford, Four Toyota Models Rate Best Resale Value. GM Slashes Chevy Volt Prices To Boost Slow Sales. 2015 Ford Mustang Concept Car Spotted. Real Life Car Leasing Questions Answered. Audi App Collects Parking Lot Data Leads You To Parking Spot.
6-08-2013 Prepare Your Car For Summer Driving. 2014 Jaguar F-Type Impresses. Are Consumers Willing To Pay More For Safety Features? NHTSA Suggests Chrysler Jeep Recall - Chrysler Says No! More Auto Leases In May 2013 Than Ever Before. Auto Dealer Bill Of Rights? Seatbelt Law - Tickets Available For All Seats. CFPB Ruling Puts Confusion And Doubt Into Home And Auto Loans. Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Lincoln Recalls. Universal Electric Car Battery?
6-01-2013 Which Cars Get Most Complaints? 2014 Chevy Malibu Greatly Improved Based On Consumer Feedback. Auto Leasing Growing Faster Than Auto Buying. Oil And Gas Myths Revealed. 15 Percent Ethanol Gas Could Damage Cars Older Than 2012. Smart Car, Jeep Wrangler, Mini Cooper Top 3 Complained About Cars. Electric Hybrid Cadillac ELR Looks Great, Extends Range! Is Style Or Fuel Economy More Important To Car Buyers? License To Drive In Japan - Not So Easy.
5-25-2013 Toyota 23 BMW 24 In Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Ford Closing Shop In Australia. Tips To Save Money On Auto Insurance. Auto Manufacturers Simplify Infotainment Systems - Fewer Buttons, Fewer Options, Fewer Distractions. GM Recalls 27,000 Cadillac SRXs. Valley Falls, Kansas Lets People Drive Their Police Cars - What Could Go Wrong? Younger Women More Likely To Die In Auto Accidents? Things To Consider When Buying Car Insurance. 4 Of 5 Accidents Caused By Some Form Of Distracted Driving. $199 Lease Too Good To Be True Value? Check These Things After Basic Auto Service.
5-18-2013 Tips That Really Hit Home. Toyota Settles Unattended Acceleration Lawsuit For 1.63 Billion Dollars. NHTSA Propose Lowering Legal Blood Alcohol Limit From .08 To .05. Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Early? GM Recalls 43,000 Hybrids. Man Pays 3 Men To Destroy His $423,000 Maserati In Public. Parents Of Pre-teens Big Offenders Of Distracted Driving. 39 States Outlaw Texting - But Not Texas. Can A Lease Car Be Customized - Before Or After Leasing? Territorial Battle Between Ice Cream Trucks?
4-27-2013 NHTSA Suggests Safety Devices To Prevent Manual Texting, Video Watching And More While Driving. Will Self-Driving Cars Lead To Significantly More Miles Driven? CarFax Sued For $50,000,000. 1100 Honda Fit EVs Coming For Lease Only. Toyota Still #1 In The World - Honda Not In Top 3. Exclusive Flex-Buy Program Offers Benefits Of Leasing And Buying. Automotive Industry Age Of Transparency? Lots Of Fan Texts Answered And Auto Advice Given. ABC 20/20 Expose On CarFax Revealing.
4-20-2013 Chevy Dealership One Mile From West Texas Explosions Sustains Significant Damage. Prediction For Self-Driving Cars Extended To 2025? Honda CRV And Honda Odyssey Recalls. BMW Introduces Electric Car For 2015. GM Claims 29 New Or Redesigned Products Over Next Two Years! Local Dealerships Offer Shelter And Food After West Texas Explosions. Study Says 65 Percent Of Accidents Caused By Driver Daydreaming. Elon Musk Of Tesla Makes News...Again! New Flex-Buy Program Offers Perks Of Leasing And Advantages Of Buying.
3-30-2013 Almost 400,000 Hyundai Sonatas Recalled. Dodge Challengers Recalled. EPA Requires Cleaner Gas - Like California. GM Wants To Save Millions By Increasing Resale Value. Run Flat Tires Cost More, Last Less Time, Susceptible To Blowouts. More Tesla Talk. Ford Sued By Lawyers Group. Lower Sulphur Gasoline Means Higher Gas Prices. Cars In Brazil Made To Run On Ethanol. Improve Your Car's Feng Shui.
3-16-2013 Buick Tries To Attract Younger Buyers. $4,000,000 Lamborghini - Only Three Being Built. Hands On Review Of New Electric Tesla S. Carfax Accuracy Challenged Again - Consider AutoCheck. Talking Urinal Cake Discourages Drunk Driving. Rumors Of Entry Level Corvette. Difficult To Get Four Wheel Drive Vehicles In Alaska. Many Countries Have Banned Mobile Device Usage While Driving. Loan Interest VS Lease Money Factor.
3-09-2013 Ohio Judge Rules Speeding Cameras Violate Drivers' Rights. Do Women Prefer Foreign Over Domestic Cars? It's Official - Men Have More Accidents Than Women Until Age ?? Ten Best & Worst Cities For Drivers. Smile You're On Speeding Camera. Lots Of Love For Lexus. Great Time To Get Pre-owned Truck. Auto Sales Tactics Around The World.
3-02-2013 New Cars With Mobile Hotspot Internet Access? Consumer Reports 2013 Top Picks. Candid Car Chat With Michael Karesh from TrueDelta.com. Ford Edsel And Lincoln Futura Concept Car (Batmobile) Designer Dies At 96. Where To Find Real Car Owner Info And Car Comparisons. Detroit Then New York Have The Most Auto Leasing. Pay Big Bucks To Replace Electric Car Keys.
2-23-2013 Tesla Loses 90 Million Dollars Predicts Profit Soon. New MPGe Window Sticker Rating. Ford And Toyota Top J.D. Power Best Car For Money List. Gasoline Prices Rise Again. 2014 VW XL1 Claims Amazing MPG. More Trouble For Fisker Electric Car Maker. Can You Buy Gas Without Ethanol? Should Auto Manufacturers Standardize Button Placement? More People Add Dash Cameras.
2-16-2013 Only Toyota Certifies Pickup To New Towing Power Standard. Police Officers In Some Cities Allowed .05 Blood Alcohol On Duty. Another Tesla Electric Car Horror Story. J.D. Power 2013 Most Reliable Autos List. Dodge Promises Diesel Half Ton Pickup For 2014. EPA Testing More Vehicles To Verify Accurate MPG Claims. Michigan Fourth State To Approve Legislation For Driverless Vehicles.
2-09-2013 Auto Dealers Names May Be Misleading. Consumer Reports Challenges Claims That Turbo Delivers More Power And Better Fuel Economy. Bad Credit vs Bad Driving Record Related To Insurance Cost. Haggerty's List Future Collectible Cars. Google Ready With Automated Car Systems - Government Not Ready With Regulations. Do Big Fancy Car Dealer Showrooms Sell More Cars? Autoflex Helps Big Athletes Fit Into Small Cars. America May Be Moving Back To Diesel. More Questions About Self-Driving Cars.
1-26-2013 Greenest (And Meanest) Cars According To ACEEE. GM Claims Electric Cars Are Not Dead Yet. Mazda Race Cars Run Biofuel From Tyson Scraps. Toyota And BMW Hope Their Lithium Oxygen Battery Solves Problems Related To Lithium Ion Batteries. Original Batmobile Sells For 4.2 Million Dollars. How Green Are Natural Gas Vehicles? National Lease Ads Seem Too Good To Be True - Read The Fine Print. Green Biofuel Made From Algae. Drive Faster Burn More Gas.
1-12-2013 Tesla First Auto Maker To Sell Own Cars Directly. Collision Avoidance Systems Leading To Self Driving Cars? More Stories From People Pulled Over By Police. Tips For Dealing With Repair Shops And Insurance. DOT Pushes For Audible Sound On Silent Electric Cars. Can Auto Manufacturers Sell Cars Directly? New Auto Tech At CES. Gangster Squad Movie Loaded With Vintage Cars. Congress Considers Tax By The Mile.
1-05-2013 Fuel Economy Improves 9 Percent In 2012. Jim Ziegler Takes Hard Look At CarFax. New Mazda Plant In Mexico - Will Build Some Toyotas. Auto Manufacturers Seeking Smarter Dummies. All Luxury Cars Have V6 Or Larger Engines - Fact Or Fiction? Average Age Car On The Road Is 11 Years Old. NHTSA Delays Backup Camera Mandate.
12-29-2012 Used Car Scams Proliferate Online. Electric Cars Get More Attention Than Sales. Best Car Commercials Of 2012. CarFax Reports Expensive - Who Pays? Watch For Red Flags On Auto Deals. Manufacturers Increase End Of Year Incentives. Alternatives To Electric Cars. AutoCheck VS CarFax.
12-22-2012 What To Do (And Not To Do) When Pulled Over By Police. Toyota Surprises In Latest IIHS Front End Test. 13,500 Hyundai Velosters Recalled. Diesel Cars May Be Cleaner And Greener Future Option. Pulled Over For Speeding 100 MPH Plus? Auto Rebates Are Back. What Saab Owners Need To Know. Toyota Qi Tech Available In 2013 Avalon. The Pope Has A New Mercedes.
12-15-2012 NTSB Proposes Interlock Device (Breathalizer) After First DUI DWI. More About Diminished Value. Tips For Selecting Auto Repair Shop - Do It Before You Need It. Chrysler Re-hires 13 Workers Fired For Drinking And Smoking Pot. Dallas Cowboys Consider SafeKey Ignition Locking Device. Honda Recalls Odyssey, Pilot, Acura MDX. Ford Recalls 2013 Escape And Fusion Again! Gas Prices Drop Below $3. Auto-related Holiday Gift Ideas.
12-08-2012 91 Percent Of Newer Cars Have A Black Box Or EDR - Concerned? E10 Gasoline Bad - E15 Gas Worse. BMW Adds 4 Series. EPA MPG Tests Under Review. Fiat And Nissan Trade "Ugly" Comments. What Do Event Data Recorders Record? Some Auto Manufacturers Won't Cover Damage From E15 Gas. Teaching Dogs To Drive?
12-01-2012 Auto Insurance Explained - What You Need To Know. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Looking Into Credit Bureau Practices. More On Texting While Driving. Early Lease Trade-Ins Means Lots of 2011 2012 Used Models Available. Progressive Gadget Not Same As Black Box. Where Do Kids Learn Bad Driving Habits?
11-24-2012 How To Spot Flood Damaged Cars. Consumer Reports 2013 Auto Ratings. Chrysler UConnect In-Vehicle Communication System. Survey Suggests Electric Cars Driven By Educated Wealthy People. Mexico's Freetrade Draws Major Auto Manufacturers. Update: Hurricane Sandy's Effect On Used Car Sales. Hyundai Stock Update. Toyota Prius Least Stolen Car In America. Tuesday Good Day To Buy Gas - Bad Day For Sushi?
11-17-2012 IBM Survey Questions Brand Loyalty. Lower Gas Prices - How Far Will You Drive To Save? Flexfuel? Texas Considers Ban On Texting While Driving. Loyal To One Auto Brand - Why? Autoflex Fans Get Vocal About Favorite Auto Manufacturers. Zombieland Movie Predicted Twinkies Demise. Huge Selection Of Pre-owned Cars On Sale.
11-10-2012 Hyundai Kia Overestimate MPG - Offers Reimbursements And Apology. Black Book's Ricky Beggs Discusses Effects Of Hurricane Sandy On Auto Industry. Smart Roads - Glowing Highways? Hyundai Makes Ad Claims Based On Testing Errors...Again! Average Gas Mileage Best Since 2007. Suzuki Leaves American Market. Michigan Couple Sells GM Hybrid Tech To China.
10-27-2012 Random Insurance Validation Checkpoints. Relay Rides - Would You Rent A Car To Or From A Stranger In The Neighborhood? 2013 Honda Accord Big Improvement Over 2012. Driving Without License Or Insurance Could Cost You. Babe Ruth's Last Car. Ford Fusion Commercial Makes Competitors Disappear Before Your Eyes.
10-20-2012 Counterfeit Steering Wheel Airbags - What To Do. Electric Cars Outsell Gas Vehicles In California. Would You Pay $10,000 For An Electric Car Battery? Difference Between Hybrid And Pure Electric Cars. Texas State Fair's Big Tex Cost $750 Lasted 60 Years - We Want Cars Like That. Nissan Talks Up New Steering Technology. Collect More Insurance For Diminished Value.
10-06-2012 Car Nicknames - Do You Name Your Car? Chevy Dealership Has Customer Arrested After Buying Car. Ford, Honda, Hyundai Recalls. Nissan Touts 2015 Car That Parks Itself Then Picks You Up. Auto Makers Hush Up New Models By Adding Noise.
9-22-2012 $99 Per Month Suzuki Dealer Offer Too Good To Be True? Ford Bets On Fusion For Future. Auto Manufacturers 2013 Models Preview. Auto Engineers Recommend Natural Gas Fuel. Great Time To Trade Your Leased Vehicle. Difference Between Sun And Moon Roof. Toyota Keeps Diesel Engines Out Of U.S. What Does Upside Down On Your Car Mean?
9-15-2012 Everything You Need To Know About Getting Pulled Over. Can Police Give Tickets Outside Their Jurisdiction? What Is Gap Insurance? Do You Trust Online Reviews And Likes? Texas Has The Fastest Speed Limit In U.S. Drive Twice Speed Limit Go To Jail. Fan Favorite Cars To Outrun Police.
9-08-2012 Tips To Prevent Or Survive Car Jacking. Best Vehicles For Tailgating. Tips For Buying Auto Insurance. What's Up With Auto Insurance? Learn More About Diminished Value. Buy If It Appreciates - Lease If It Depreciates.
9-01-2012 Can You Legally Warn Others About Speed Traps? Auto Dealer Discounts - Trunk Money and Stair-Step Rebates? Best & Worst Places To Drive In The U.S. Houston Woman Arrested Warning Drivers Of Radar Trap. 2013 Kia Optima Looks Good! Honda CRV or Nissan Rogue. Check Out Cars & Coffee First Monday Each Month.
8-18-2012 Did BMW Pad Sales Numbers To Beat Mercedes? EPA And Ethanol Industry Win Means Consumers Pay. More People Lease Or Buy Without Test Drive - Would You? Take PVOC Course And Drive Better. Phantom Car Sales - Fact Or Fiction? Asbestos Found In China Manufactured Cars. 2 Door VS 4 Door? Infamous Vehicles Throughout History.
8-11-2012 In-Vehicle Connectivity Technology Pros And Cons. Near Fatal Crash Caused By Texting Predicted In Final Text. Chrysler Leaves Nascar. Funny Quotes From Actual Insurance Claims. Backup Camera, Blind Spot And Bumper Monitors - When Will Cars Drive Themselves? Gas Prices Soar Again. Jeep Death Wobble Just A Name...So Far.
7-28-2012 J.D. Power APEAL Study Reveals Big Shift To Smaller Vehicles. Cars Rank #1 Thing You Should Never Buy New. Auto Accident - Smart Phone Apps For That. Consumer Satisfaction Higher With Luxury Cars. Traffic Deaths Increase In 2012. Higher The Cost Of Extended Warranty - More Likely You'll Need It.
7-21-2012 EDR Event Data Recorders (Black Box) Not Just For Airplanes - What Do They Track? Ethanol Pros and (Mostly) Cons. Ford Recalls 2013 Escape - Honda Recalls 2012 CRV Crossover 2013 Acura ILX. Chevy Malibu Versus Toyota Camry. Is Ethanol Gas Additive Living Up To The Promise? Al Capone's 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan For Sale.
7-14-2012 Why Are Men Charged More For Auto Insurance? Volvo Claims Autonomous Features Reduce Accidents And Fatalities. KBB Rates VW Passat Mazda 3 Top Two Of Ten Best Cars Under $25,000. Auto Dealer Monthly Ranks Autoflex #1 In Texas #8 In America. Over Third Of U.S. Drivers Plan New Car In Next 12 Months. Need A Ride? - There's An App!
7-07-2012 Latest Auto Safety Technology. Hard To Find Cars This Summer. Tips For Talking To Auto Mechanics. 2013 Ford Explorer Review. Car Washing Tips. Tips For First Time Car Buyers. Life-Saving Auto Features. Odometer Fraud - Fact Or Fiction - And What's TMU?
6-30-2012 5 Options Worth Skipping When Getting A Car. 2012 Honda Accord SE Review. In-Vehicle Siri Eyes-Free System Coming. Car Colors That Get Bird-Bombed Most. Lots of Fan Questions Answered. Auto Leasing Back To Pre-Recession Level. Fisker Loan Questions And Controversy.
6-23-2012 J.D. Power 90 Day Initial Quality Results - Jaguar, Porsche, Cadillac Improve Most. Kristin Brocoff From CarMD Talks Car Parts, Prevention, Repair. Spare Tire Or Fix-A-Flat - Choose One. States And Cities With Most Stolen Cars. Make Your Car Less Inviting To Thieves. Reduce Vehicle Weight, Increase MPG. France Gives New Meaning To BYOB - By Law!
6-16-2012 Everything You Need To Know After Your Car Has Been Pummelled By Hail. Tips For Insuring Teen Drivers. What Do New Car Consumers Value Most - Looks, Safety, MPG, CAFE? Dallas Drivers Caught In Hail Of A Storm. Take Baby Car Seat When Test Driving New Cars. Auto Makers Increasing Gas Mileage On Most Models - How?
6-09-2012 Texas Highways May Get 85 MPH Speed Limit. Differences Between Autobahns And U.S. Highways. Car Obesity Equals Fuel Gluttony. Global RallyCross Comes To Texas. What Is J.D. Power PP100? Let's Talk About Kia And Hyundai.
6-02-2012 What Most Influences Car Leasing And Buying Decisions - Does The Salesperson Even Matter? May Record Month For Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Lexus - Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Volvo Down. Ohio 39th State To Make Texting Illegal - Texting Still Legal In Texas...Unless... Young Military Personnel May Be Treated Unfairly By Nearby Auto Dealers. What Is An OFAC Report And How Is It Related To Getting A New Car? More Distracted Driving Stories.
5-26-2012 Car Buying Scams - What To Watch For. Most And Least Likely Places To Get Speeding Tickets. Family And Kid Friendly Apps For Traveling. Autoflex Biggest Memorial Day Sale Ever. Check VIN Number - There's An App For That. Gas Prices Down For Memorial Day Weekend.
5-19-2012 Nissan Revolutionary Features. GM Un-friends Facebook By $10,000,000. Accord vs Camry? Hyundai Elantra Airbag Packs Punch. 2013 Altima Takes Pressure Out Of Accurate Tire Inflation. Do You Drive Like Starman? J.D. Powers Says More Than 1 In 5 Cars Leased.
5-12-2012 Consumer Reports Lists Drivers Pet Peaves. Tips For Dealing With The Insurance Adjuster. Fisker Karma Electric Car Burns Takes Out Two Other Cars and House. Most Annoying (Dangerous) Driving Habits. Let Autoflex Help With Insurance Settlements. Tribute To Carroll Shelby 1923 - 2012.
4-28-2012 Vehicle To Vehicle Communication In The Near Future? Google Working On Self-Driving Cars. Can You Legally Swap A Lease? Auto Industry Frets Shortage Of Nylon 12 Resin. Which 3 U.S. States Allow Driving Without Insurance? What Car Would You Drive If You Hit It Big? Electric Cars So Quiet Drivers Leave Them Running. Extend The Warranty Now Save Money Later.
4-21-2012 Do You Plan Your Drives Around DFW? Top Things Your Car Does Not Need. Vehicles With Highest Retained Value After 5 Years - Edmonds 2012 List. Paying For Nitrogen In Your Tires...Don't! Paying Cash For Your Next Car - Don't Mention It.
4-14-2012 U.S. Regulators Propose Brake Throttle Override Kill Switch For All Vehicles. LATCH Child Restraint System Stirs Up Controversy. Car Of The Year Volkswagen Up! Not Available In America. Hybrid Owners Not Buying Hybrid Again. March 24.1 MPG Average Best So Far. 2009 2010 Leased Cars' Residual Value Higher Than Estimated. Infiniti JX35 Review.
4-07-2012 Gas Prices Climbing - Has It Changed Your Driving - Have You Changed Cars? Fuel Efficient Cars Not Always The Answer. 2012 JD Powers Dependability List Based On 2009 Models. DOE Stops Lending Money For Fuel Efficient R&D. Cost Of Gas Rising. HOV Lane Violation $175. Is Auto Leasing Or Buying Smarter For High Mileage Drivers?
3-24-2012 Crazy Strange Funny (Driving) Laws. Ferrari 250 GTO, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Shelby Daytona Cobra Fantastic Investments. EPA Reports CO2 Emissions Lowest Ever - MPG Average Highest Ever. High Mileage Cars Increasing, Poor Mileage Vehicles Losing Value. Chevy Volt Chargers Overheating. Toyota, Chevrolet, Dodge Announce Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles.
3-10-2012 Top 12 Best Resale Cars. Japan Earthquake Tsunami Effect On Auto Industry - Update. Gas Prices Steady - Rising? More Tax Credits - More Questions. Teen Drivers License Revoked For Life. Ford, Mini Cooper, BMW, Infiniti, Audi, Suburu, Jeep, Toyota Make Top Resale List. $107,000 Fisker Electric Car Breaks During Consumer Reports Test.
3-03-2012 Japan Auto Makers Take Top 5 On Consumer Reports. Rising Gasoline Prices - Ways You Can Save. Fuel Efficient Cars Increase In Value - What Happens To Gas Guzzlers? Fiat Will Build Jeeps For Russia In Russia. Autoflex Launches Mobile Web Site. Best Day To Buy Gas - Worst Place To Buy Gas.
2-25-2012 Battle of the Sexes - Muscle Cars vs Girlie Cars. Chevrolet Redesigns Volt, Gets California Low Emission Perks. Most Annoying Drivers and Driving Habits. Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt Head For California. Fastest Car In The World? New Cars - Investment Or Expense? Is Gas Cheaper In Cold Months?
2-18-2012 Honda Lawsuit Could Mean Trouble For All Auto Makers. J.D. Power Rates 2012 Cars Most Dependable...Ever! Nissan Leaf Hands On Test. Chevy Volt Gets Billions From Tax Payers, 690 Million From Michigan. Always Read Car Lease or Purchase Contract. Toyota Back On Top - Most Dependable Models. Greggo's Top 5 American Cars.
1-28-2012 Too Easy To Get Drivers License? Consumer Reports Perceived Value List - Toyota, Ford, Honda Lead. U.S. Car Buyers Choosing Import Brands Less. Super Duper Super Bowl Commercials. The Cost of Green Vehicles. Nissan Building 2 Billion Dollar Plant In Mexico. Huge Pre-owned Car Sale Going On.
12-31-2011 NTSB Wants Hands Free Devices Banned - Government Disagrees. Chevy Recalls Sonics With Missing Brake Pads. 2011 Auto Industry Year In Review. Congress Ends Ethanol Fuel Subsidy. Holiday Drivers Not So Happy. Trade Before Your Car Ages Another Year. Mexico Gets More Auto Plants - Produces More Cars.
12-17-2011 Best Tips For Dealing With Auto Mechanics. NTSB Proposes Eliminating Electronic Devices From Cars. Top 5 Most Watched 2011 Car Ads. Worst Cars Ever Made. Distracted Driving Debate (Problem) Continues. Ford Family Search For Long Lost Punch Bowl Trophy.
12-10-2011 Distracted Driving 3100 Fatalities - At Least. Chevy Volt Battery Issue Gets Hotter. Best Days To Get A Car Stolen. Tell-tale Signs of Flood Damage. Road Rage, Parking Lot Rage, All The Rage. KBB Says Buy Used Cars Before 2012! Call For Best Pre-owned Selection. Toyota Helps Subaru?
12-03-2011 Drivers Pet Peeves Driving. Canada Auto Manufacturing Slides South To Mexico. Kelley Blue Book Advisory - Buy Used Now! Chevrolet Volt Battery Update. Avoid Credit Sharing Scam. Autoflex Helps Callers Lease And Buy.
11-26-2011 Chevy Volt Hot...Flaming Hot. Navigation System Lawsuit Affects Entire Auto Industry. Vehicles To Avoid In 2012. Car Sharing Catches On...What About Taxes and Liability? Electric Cars Battery Issues. Car Navigation Systems vs Smart Phone GPS. What Is The Michigan Left Turn?
11-12-2011 Toyota and GM Recalls. Richardson Police Chief Spivey - Red Light Cameras Work - Running Lights, Speeding, Road Rage Don't. Simple Deterrents For Auto Crime. No Buick Lucerne, Crown Victoria, Cadillac DTS, STS, Dodge Dakota, Ford Ranger, Honda Element, Lotus Elise, Mazda RX8, Volvo S40, V50 and Mitsubishi Eclipse After 2011. Big Pre-owned Cars Sale Now.
10-15-2011 Latest Online Car Buying Scam - How To Avoid. 2012 Car and Truck Models of the Year. 6 Tips For Cleaner Car. 105.3 The Fan's Sybil Summers Gets New Car From Autoflex. What's up with the Mazda RX9? Best Winter Features For New Cars.
10-01-2011 Tips Help Accident Victims Get Paid By Insurance - Guest James Walden Direct Appraisal. Serious Injury or Death Decreases From Collisions. Hottest New 2012 Hatchbacks. RM Auctions Oldest Working Car. How Powerful is 2012 Camaro ZL1?
9-24-2011 Texas DMV Ted Hernandez Talks Odometer and Title Fraud. 2004-2005 Jeep Liberty Salt-Belt Probe Continues. Ford Sync Adds Live Operator Option. Willie Nelson Sells Tour Bus. Autoflex Has Good Inventory of SUVs and Pickups at Great Prices.
9-17-2011 China Wants U.S. Electric Car Technology To Allow GM To Sell Electric Cars. Car Hacking - Why You Should Care. Hot Trend - Center Stack Console Information Infotainment Center. Ford Ends Crown Victoria After 44 Years - Police Move To Chargers, Mustangs. Tall and Short of Smart Cars.
9-03-2011 BMW Recalls 214,000 3-Series Cars. Paying Too Much For Auto Insurance? 3 Texas Cities Make Top U.S. Speed Traps List. Hybrids Too Quiet For Safety? Car Sales Outperform Most Industries. Difference Between Autoflex and Conventional Auto Dealers. Laser Powered Cars?
8-27-2011 GM Bankruptcy (Unintended?) Consequences. What's Flex-Fuel? 2012 Hyundai Sonata Review - It Rocks! Kelley Blue Book's Jack Nerad Explains Cost of Ownership And Lots More. BMW Adds Streaming Music Service. Saab May Consider Bankruptcy Auto Dealerships Increase After 10 Year Drought.
8-20-2011 First Gas Tax Increase Since 1993. KBB List Cars Lowest Cost of Ownership - Best Resale Value. 2012 Ford Explorer EcoBoost Test Drive Impresses. Best Back-To-School Cars. Old Tires Become New Roads. Customer Satisfaction - Toyota Top 3. Latest Buick Chevy Recalls.
8-13-2011 Honda Accord Tops Most Stolen Cars List! Who's Liable For Wrecking Test Drive Car? Harley-Davidson Ford F150? Fiat 500 vs Mini Cooper. Autoflex Leases Aston Martin and Maserati. 2012 Auto Colors. Saab Story. Distracted Driving Accidents Skyrocket.
8-06-2011 Chrysler Recalls 299,718 2008 Minivans. Consumer Reports Slams Honda Civic. 54.5 MPG By 2025 - Really? What About Direct Injection Diesel? Will Consumers Accept Lower Quality For Better Gas Mileage? 2012 Lease Deals Available.
7-23-2011 5 Features Every New Car Should Have. Superstar Super Cars - Dallas Cowboys Victor Butler. Red Light Cameras - Safety Feature Or Revenue Generator? Texas Makes $700 Million From Red Light Camera Tickets. One Second Longer Yellow Light Reduces Violations By Eighty Percent. Fiat Chrysler News Update.
7-16-2011 Tim O'Neil Lifesaving Driving Tips. Best Luxury Sedans, Mid-size Sedans To Lease. UAW Threatens War With Chrysler. Lease New - Buy Used - Lease Used? Trade-ins Worth More. Ford Backs Ban On Hand Held Device Use.
7-09-2011 10 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car. Black Book VP and Editor Ricky Beggs Explains Residual Value, Increased Used Car Values and More. Why Many Californians Bought Prius Now Want Honda NGV. How Does Gap Insurance Work?
6-25-2011 Cheapest Cars to Insure. J.D. Powers List Vehicles With Least Problems. NADA List Vehicles With Best Resale Value. Speed Limits Changing - How Fast Is Too Fast?
6-18-2011 Prisoners and Deceased Apply For Tax Stimulus Money...And Get It! Best Father's Day Gifts For Dad. 3 Categories of Auto Safety Features Soon To Be Standard. New Autoflex Web site. Camaro Finally Outsells Mustang After 24 Years.
6-11-2011 Hyundai Trade-In Value Guarantee - Read The Fine Print. Longer Commute Shorter Marriage? Guest James Hinchcliffe Indy Race Car Driver. SUV safety now better than most cars. Mini Cooper best car on the road?
6-04-2011 What Auto Shoppers Love/Hate Most About Car Shopping? Chevy Volt, Electric Cars, Alternative Fuels, Oh, My! Guest Mark Van of General Motors. Internet changes everything about auto shopping. Ford and Mazda may be breaking it off? Autoflex Too helps buyers with credit issues.
5-28-2011 MSN's Most Improved New Cars. Beware Yellow Cows at Chinese Auto Auctions. Nissan Spends Big To Keep Juke Owners Happy. Fuel Economy Labels go from grade to score. Do you have, need or want a Black Box in your car? Small cars getting safer. Honda makes amazing recovery.
Special Part 2
Very Best 2011 Cars: Guest IntelliChoice's Charlie Vogelheim - only two domestic cars make list. BOV - Best Overall Value - true cost of auto ownership. Honda Fit #1 - Toyota wins big overall. What you really need to know about auto insurance... discounts.
Special Part 1
Where do car names come from? What happens to movie cars? Demand for new cars rise, incentives recede. Let's talk about SUVs.
5-07-2011 Supply and Demand Not In Buyers Favor. NYC Tests Nissan Electric Cabs. Save Gas By Filling Up Early Morning - Fact or Fiction?
4-30-2011 Listeners Spend $12 to $600 to Fill Up. More Cars Reach 40 MPG. Distracted Driving Equivalent To Driving Intoxicated. Blame Mother Nature For Higher Prices.
4-23-2011 Big Oil and Big Finance Do The Contango. Will Gas Hit $6 Per Gallon? LoJack To Get Your Car Back. 49ers Michael Crabtree.
4-16-2011 Buying Used Cars: What You Must Know. Baseball Superstar Steve Karsay's Super Cars
4-02-2011 Electric Cars, Would You Drive One? Will Cheap Gas Hurt Your Car? Ultimate Emergency Kit For Your Car
3-26-2011 Japan Quake Effect on Your Next Car, Guest Buffalo Bills' Shawn Nelson, ALG's Top 5 Perceived Value Auto Brands
3-19-2011 Save Gas with Phone Apps, Dave Ruggles of The Ruggles Report
3-05-2011 Ex-Chrysler Dealers Sue U.S., Guest Vernon Davis of SF 49'ers
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